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———Permanent Recruting———

Permanent recruitment is very important part of our HR service portfolio. We identify staff for our clients and charge clients a one-time recruitment fee for each successful recruitment. We mainly serve clients in the following four industry sectors:
Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Information Technologies

Manufacturing Sector

Services Sector

We identify and place the right talent in the right role to help our clients access the team members they need on a timely basis. With deep industry knowledge, expertise & proprietary process framework of talent assessment and recruitment has helped us earn respect in the market and happy clients. We have a team of 50+ extremely talented and dynamic recruitment consultants serving our clients with delighted feedback and above all repeated business. We deploy various popular trending strategies & techniques and practices to attract talent such as walk-in drives, hackathons, and digital marketing along with conventional promotional methods.


Permanent recruitment delivers following benefits:


  • Build very talented and expert team that powers your service/product delivery.
  • Help you build team that becomes core asset that adds valuation of the business.
  • Help you demonstrate your business as SME in selected segment and build brand.

Some of our expertise lies in following sectors/industries, skills & roles :

  • IT/Software Services
  • IT Infrastructure skills
  • Business intelligence/ETL/Data warehousing
  • Data Science /Big Data Analytics
  • System, Embedded
  • UX/UI Designers and Developers
  • Project/Program/Portfolio/Delivery management
  • Quality Assurance & Testing (Automated/Manual)
  • Technology Tools/Database Administration
  • Engineering Services
  • Internet/Ecommerce