Staffing is indeed the conventional managerial activity of attracting as well as pick appropriate individuals and placing them in jobs in which one’s expertise and knowledge can indeed be best applied, as well as retaining such individuals through benefits, vocational education, and job experiential learning, in effort to accomplish respectively personal and organizational goals. This focuses on human resources management rather than technical or economic means.

The hiring process is the functionality of connectedness in a leadership context with competent employees. Staffing is the area of the process that deals with co-workers and their relationships inside the company.


Focusing on providing quality solution for every staffing need, we here at Whyflex adopts continuous improvement practices in both management and skill level of temporary work force and ensures the client, the very best of temporary skills available.We here at Whyflex getinvolve in the whole process of obtaining, utilizing and retaining, qualified and competent personnel to fill all positions of an organization, from top to operative echelon. In finer terms, we here at Whyflex, a temporary staffing agency,help you place the right person at the right job.Providing just in time and just in skills services, Whyflex, temporary staffing services, provides quick response to client’s business fluctuations.

Whyflex located in Bangalore with well-trained back-office staff to handle various out sourced assignments, like temporary staffing from clients. The company nourishes meticulousness and has talented and highly motivated consultants having domain knowledge from various verticals and work cultures. We strongly believe in process be it the typical temporary employment agencies process or whatever. We have quality systems and procedures that are at par with the very best in the micro quality, in place. One Account Manager or executive handles each of the clients so that the client will have a one-point contact.

As a temporary staffing agency, Whyflex understands that often entrepreneurs struggle to entrust their personnel requirements with staffing firms; many would much rather be in charge of the recruiting process themselves. Nonetheless, suppose individuals can once get beyond this attitude. In that case, these owners having temporary staffing requirements frequently benefit from taking this matter to work through placement agencies, particularly temp agencies, for temporary staffing.

Unlike other temporary employment agencies,WhyFlexdoesn’t aim only firm-based profitability. We believe that as a temporary staffing service, our aim should be end-to-end benefits. So, we also aim at the gain of both the firms we are employed by and the employees we help get employment. So, some of the benefits we aim at helping all those seekingtemporary employment agencies as reliable as ours.

Workplace safety
Continuous training and learning
Communication channels
Code of conduct & Expectations management
Conflict Management and resolution
Incentive and benefits management

A temporary staffing agency may supply a company with complete temporary staffing services, which include:

  • Recognizing the industry’s task requirements.
  • Identifying the manpower needed to fulfill the same.
  • Interviewing and nominating applicants.
  • Security checks and employment records are used to screen prospective students.
  • Creating partnerships and investigating legal concerns.
  • In the event that there are any gaps, support will be conducted.
  • Adopt the functioning of the temporary employees to ensure that the standards are satisfied.
  • Furthermore, if the employee is not a good match, it is the employment agency’s obligation to cancel the hire and recompense as needed.


  • Improves focus on core / critical activities.
  • Adapts to the seasonal nature of business.
  • Counter business uncertainties.
  • Demand of scale up and scale down of business.

It’s not only a matter of meeting a short-term demand. There are several incentives for a company to work with temporary staffing services.