Most organizations constantly struggle to retain and train application experts and a lack of required skills when and where they are needed. The market for highly qualified IT candidates is competitive – and it isn’t getting any easier.  As per the recent research conducted by the Research Firm and Amazon Web Services, numerous companies lack the cloud knowledge that might assist their projects in getting off to a rapid start.

According to the research, around 55% of participants of a related study are focused on gaining skills of and about the workforce, but this might impede the adaptation of virtualized environment, which itself is urgently needed. Professionals with experience in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cyber security, blockchain, analytics, and other fields are required to utilize this knowledge and use it effectively.  We, at WhyFlex Human Capital Solutions and as one of the leading IT staff augmentation services, or one may also call an staff augmentation consulting, have a team with proven skills and experience in the tech industry and in local job market to help you find the right IT professionals, that be it for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term. We, as IT staff augmentation services, offer the flexibility to scale up or down IT team depending on your workflow, so it helps you focus on business.

When hiring these professionals for staff augmentation or formulating a team of professionals, we make sure that they have the following IT staff augmentation services parameters are met:


Every IT team must prioritize safety. Beginning at a helpline, connectivity, or operating system job might expose people to ideas that really are useful for safety. The abilities listed below can make one eligible for our staff augmentation consulting for entrance and higher IT security roles, such as information security specialists.

  1. Knowledge of organizational, communication, and malware protection
  2. Setting up barriers and networks
  3. Confidentiality of information
  4. Security analysis and risk reduction approach
  5. Understanding of security guidelines and norms such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CCPA
  6. Security testing and vulnerability scanning.

Programming capabilities are required for individuals who wish to create software, online apps, and web pages at our IT staff augmentation companies. It will also be beneficial for IT professionals who wish to streamline activities. The technologies listed here are frequently demanded of developers and might also be demanded of IT specialists who are looking for staff augmentation. You may begin by looking through programming language lessons.

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Ruby
  4. PowerShell

Developing software

Networking integrated services

For all it staff augmentation companies, the primary responsibility is to ensure that information systems and services flow efficiently. Network managers and server admins are prominent positions that specialize in this level of expertise. Software and networking knowledge also might be beneficial for jobs in cloud management or safety for companies that consider these a must-have, like ours it staff augmentation companies. On the most basic level, these abilities encompass:

  1. Managing several platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac
  2. Tuning and upgrading computer systems
  3. Management and apps on the cloud
  4. Keeping local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), storage area networks (SAN), and virtual private networks in good working order (VPNs)


The ability to evaluate information will be important for a variety of IT activities. Tracking performance measurements can assist businesses in identifying security concerns or inadequacies in their activities. Database management systems and database administrators are two IT jobs that deal with data.

  1. SQL
  2. Statistics
  3. Python

Information examination

Technology on the internet

Cloud services abilities, which are identified as among the most in-demand talents of 2021 by Worldwide Learning, cover anything at all, from developing network infrastructure to managing it. Dealing with cloud computing may lead to roles such as cloud programmer, manager, and designer. Understanding of the cloud platforms listed below might be beneficial by important staff augmentation consulting companies.

  1. AWS
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Azure by Microsoft
  4. Oracle

All in all, our IT staff augmentation services provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications. Our skilled application professionals can help you manage fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs to meet your aggressive project schedules, by just the super effective staff augmentation consulting. Our resources will work with you on-site or remote, and are certified in key technologies.

Our IT Staff Augmentation offers:

Dedicated team that is aligned to client oriented delivery process Industry/domain and technical skill trained

We specialize in finding our clients the top IT candidates with in-demand technical expertise and skills customized to fit their timeline, budget and IT staffing need for a wide variety of IT projects. The market for highly qualified IT candidates is competitive – and it isn’t getting any easier. With our enriched proprietary database, and IT staff Augmentation team with expert knowledge coupled with strong network in local job market will help our clients to find the right IT proffessionalWith the flexibility to help organisations scale up or down depending on their workflow, we enable you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities.

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