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Focusing on providing quality solution for every staffing need, Whyflex adopts continuous improvement practices in both management and skill level of temporary work force and ensures the client, the very best of temporary skills available. Providing just in time and just in skills services, Whyflex provides quick response to client’s business fluctuations.
Whyflex located in Bangalore with well-trained back office staff to handle various out sourced assignments from clients. The company nourishes meticulousness and has talented and highly motivated consultants having domain knowledge from various verticals and work cultures. We strongly believe in process. We have quality systems and procedures that are at par with the very best in the micro quality, in place. One Account Manager or executive handles each of the clients so that the client will have a one-point contact.

  • Workplace safety 
  • Continuous training and learning 
  • Communication channels 
  • Code of conduct & Expectations management  
  • Conflict Management and resolution 
  • Incentive and benefits management

Temporary staffing delivers following benefits

Improves focus on core / critical activities
Adapts to the seasonal nature of business
Counter business uncertainties
Demand of scale up and scale down of business

We serve our clients staff requirements in areas such as assembly, production, machine operation and mechanical trades, warehousing, packaging, shipping and receiving. Our focus area is :


  • Manufacturing/Heavy Industry
    (e.g. Automotive, Aerospace, Pharma, FMCG, FMCD).
  • Retail/Wholesale sector 
  • Hospitality 
  • Transport and Logistics 


  • BPO/KPO 
  • Front & Back office/ Administration 
  • Sales &  Marketing  teams 
  • IT Staff Assistants/ MIS/ Data entry operators 
  • Administrative/Clerical 
  • Customer Service/ product promoters/ telesales